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Best Auckland Hotels To Book A Boudoir Photo Shoot In Milk Intimates Photography

Keen to have a boudoir photoshoot in a hotel, here’s what you need to know.

  I have quite a few hotels up my sleeve when clients want something a bit different from their boudoir photo shoot. I’ve spent a lot of time on websites finding the best boudoir locations in Auckland and other parts of New Zealand…
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What is a Model Call with Milk Intimates Photography?

Auckland Boudoir Photographer Please read some frequently asked questions about Milk Intimate's Photography's boudoir photo shoots.   1. Is the whole shoot free? Short answer - NO. But we cover the session fee of $400+ you get $600…
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5 Reasons to Do a Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot

With Milk Intimates Photography In Auckland & Christchurch. Bridal boudoir portraits are the ultimate, unique wedding gift for your loved one! It’s a chance to liberate and empower yourself; boost your confidence so you feel ready…