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What is a Model Call with Milk Intimates Photography?

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Please read some frequently asked questions about Milk Intimate’s Photography’s boudoir photo shoots.


1. Is the whole shoot free?

Short answer – NO. But we cover the session fee of $400+ you get $600 to spend on our packages you save $1000!!!

This is a boudoir photo shoot designed for people with a smaller budget who get massive savings on the whole experience. The session fee is at no charge to you, this is normally $400 (a session fee covers the time of the Photographer to take the photos, edit them and present them to you)

Please keep in mind that a boudoir photo shoot is not over once we’ve stopped taking the photos! -There’s still weeks worth of editing after this, sometimes more!

NOTE: Not only is the session fee free but we’re gifting you $600 to spend on our packages, which start at $1500!! 

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2. What is the investment?

A model call with our Auckland boudoir photographer still has a financial investment from the client. It’s just a really good deal at a fraction of the cost!

  • If the model call is at my studio or outside, there are no additional fees.  However, if we need to hire a venue – you’d be responsible for this cost. This could be anywhere from $250 to hire a beautiful space, or if it’s a unique hotel room this could be around $300-450+.
  • A deposit of $450 is taken upfront + $200 if you wish to use our hair and makeup artists.

Please note: If I have to book this location in advance, which will always be non-refundable- if you cancel or have a change of mind there’s no refund on this.

3. Can I pay this off?

Totally, quite a few clients start paying this off before they have even started their session, by paying us weekly or monthly. Or you can pay off in instalments.

4. What exactly do I save?

You save $1000! $400 on the session fee and $600 on the photography package of your choice – which start at $1500.

5. What else do I need to consider?

You also have to be happy with the images to be shared on my blog and used for content, like the boudoir photos in this post.


Auckland Boudoir Photographer

6. Is the quality of the boudoir photos the same as a normal shoot you do?


7. How often do you do these boudoir photography model calls?

Monthly, normally. It depends on how many locations or things I find, I like the look of.

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8. Will you run pregnancy model calls?


9. Where will my boudoir or nude photos go?

Keep in mind full nudity, nipples, and bare bottoms are not allowed on social media, so normally it will be just for the blog on my website and my socials – if allowed.
The photos will need to be censored if needed.


All Model calls are asked to provide feedback about their experience to Sarah before the release of the photos.

This is a really hard business to market and showcase photos due to nudity. So it means a lot to have Google and Facebook reviews, this helps other women like you, find us easier.

Your feedback installs so much faith and confidence in women, Remember you were hesitant once, when you first wanted to book!


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