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What is Boudoir Photography?

What Is Boudoir Photography Auckland - Milk Intimates Photography

If you’ve been following Milk Intimates Photography for a while, you’ll notice we talk a lot about Boudoir, but you’re probably wondering what exactly ‘Boudoir’ is and what does it mean? Also what the difference between boudoir and glamour photography is?

The short answer is, they’re the same.

‘Boudoir’ is the French word for a woman’s bedroom, so it makes sense that a boudoir photography shoot is typically thought of as a sexy, intimate photo shoot.

Clients typically wear lingerie, stockings, undergarments, dresses, etc. However, an over-sized shirt can look just as amazing.  If you’re game enough to bare it all, incorporating a beautiful piece of fabric draped over the body can be just as feminine – it’s all about being subtly sensual.

Boudoir Photography Auckland By Milk Intimates Photography

When I think of a boudoir photo shoot, I think of it as more of a confidence booster and a way to install back self-love.

Boudoir Photography Auckland Glamour Photo Shoot By Milk Intimates Photography

A lot of our clients say it’s a transformational; they love being able to see themselves in a different light. We are starting to see a real increase in clients wanting beautiful pregnancy & maternity portraits in this style also; it’s all about being unique.

While some women choose to do a shoot for a significant other (as a birthday gift, wedding present, anniversary gift etc.), it typically ends up being a gift for themselves more so in the long run anyway.

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Milk Intimates Photography has a way with women, and with the camera.  We see clients in a way that, unfortunately, they rarely see themselves.

Let us show you how beautiful you are.

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