Why Choose Milk Intimates Photography For Your Glamour Shoot?

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Why choose Milk Intimates Photography for your glamour shoot? Find out from others who have been through the experience.


When Sarah first asked if you’d like to take part in an intimate glamour shoot, what was your reaction?

I was excited! What an awesome opportunity. I enjoy working with Sarah and the photos are pieces of art to treasure forever.

What benefit did you get out of the glamour photoshoot, what did you do with the photos?

It was an empowering experience. Some of the photos will be printed and framed

When you think of Milk Intimates portraiture, how would you describe their photos and glamour shoots?

Tasteful and timeless pieces of art.

How important do you think hair and makeup is for the photography experience, do you feel it’s imperative to have a professional do this?
I do think it’s important, you can still have the “natural” look but it certainly adds to the experience and you feel pampered with a professional doing it for you.


glamour photography of Tammy

When you showed your husband the intimate photos what was his reaction?

He thought they were great! He is a man of few words though.

What’s held you back from doing these photos for so long?
Finding someone I can trust and their work is tasteful.     

Were you nervous up to the shoot and during?

A little bit, but Sarah makes you feel comfortable and goes through the process with you

If you were to do another shoot how would you like the photos to be, and why would you want to have more glamour shoots?

I was 7 weeks pregnant during our shoot and dealing with morning sickness so I’d like to do it again and bring a bit more energy to the shoot. Plus, now that I’ve done it, there are a few more shots I’d like to get.

How would you describe Milk Intimates Photography to work with in comparison to other Photographers?

A great experience. You are made to feel welcome, relaxed, and comfortable.

Do you think there is any benefit of working with a female photographer over a male photographer?

Absolutely, I certainly felt more comfortable.

Why would be your advice to someone thinking about doing a photoshoot with Milk Intimates that’s concerned about price?

Just do it! It’s something to treasure, and it’s absolutely worth it.

Anything else you would like to add that you think some reading, would like to know?

I’ve had 6 different shoots with Sarah over the last 5 years and I honestly can’t recommend her enough. Her natural talent for finding the right shot, and her attention to detail is just amazing. She immediately puts you at ease with her vibrant personality. We already have plans for our next shoot, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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boudoir and glamour photography Auckland