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How to find the perfect Boudoir and Glamour Photographer for you

Wanting to get some boudoir photos for your partner, is there a special anniversary coming up? Or maybe you just want to capture yourself in your youth?

Whatever the reason, take the time to find the perfect boudoir photographer for you. I’ve been a boudoir photographer for over three years and a professional photographer for over six years. There is no perfect photographer, but there is a perfect photographer for YOU.

Here are some guidelines that are important to follow when beginning your search for your boudoir experience.



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1. Find a boudoir photographer’s work that you love

Find photos that you like and invest in a photographer’s work you love. It’s incredibly hard to replicate someone else’s work; a photographer’s style is subject to their lens, creative space, effects, and creative ability.

Replicating another boudoir photographer’s style will leave you disappointed. The female form is unique to you, so it’s always best to discuss your ideas and look at your reference images with the photographer so everyone is on the same page.


2. Always check their reviews

Take time to read reviews by checking their Facebook and Google business pages. Quite often this can give you enough of a push to book your boudoir experience and understand a bit about how the photographer works.

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3. Make sure you are comfortable with your photographer before you book

We like to have a chat over the phone first, making sure we’re all on the same page with expectations (this is paramount). Meeting at the photographer’s studio is a great way to make sure you feel relaxed and make it easy to discuss all ideas. It also gives you the opportunity to see all the boudoir photographer’s products and full pricing information.

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4. Check if  the boudoir photographer has included makeup & hair styling in their session fee

If not, that’s another expense you 100% have to do professionally. Not getting this right can lead to all sorts of disappointment; we certainly don’t advise finding the cheapest artist for this. Milk Intimates Photography’s session fees have our preferred makeup artist’s fees included.

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5. Do they respond quickly?

A glamour photographer that promptly responds to your booking is a great sign, this already indicates that they will be easy to deal with throughout your session. Most women haven’t experienced a boudoir photoshoot before, so to know that you can count on your boudoir photographer will make the whole process much, much easier.


6. Remember more is not always better

We’ve always been about quality over quantity. You don’t need thirty average pictures with five different outfits. Having 10-20 unique images in an album or book is a special memento. Have you considered framing one of the best photographs for the wall? Whatever you do, make sure you think about what you are actually doing with the photos, this is the best part!

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7. Discuss your timeline For Getting Your Boudoir Photos Back

Quite often a boudoir photo shoot will be a gift, so make sure you have contacted us well in advance to let us know this. Understanding your timeframe will allow us to schedule enough time for post-production and to supply the finished boudoir photographs in time.

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Hopefully, this blog post has helped you understand how to best select your glamour and boudoir photographer. Milk Intimates travels to Auckland Christchurch and Wellington, Contact us to find out more.

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