Why Flaws Don't Exist In The Photography Studio Milk Intimates Boudoir Photography

Why Flaws Don’t Exist in the Photography Studio: 4 Tips To Letting go of Insecurities

Why Flaws Don't Exist In The Photography Studio Milk Intimates Boudoir Photography

If you’ve been doing your research around boudoir photoshoots, you’ve likely landed upon photos of other women, and seen beauty, femininity, and sensuality in all of them. You’ve been captivated by the story in each shot, and you’ve admired the tasteful way these intimate moments have been captured.

And yet, there’s still something holding you back from going ahead with your own intimate photoshoot: the insecurities you have about your perceived flaws.

But here’s the thing. All of those women in those photos are just like you. They have bits they would never normally put on show; they have creases and scars, they have parts they wish were smoother or smaller.

But you didn’t notice those ‘flaws’, did you? That’s because flaws don’t exist with Milk Intimates Photography. Boudoir photography is all about celebrating yourself and capturing you just as you are – in a way that makes you feel proud.

As your boudoir photographer, I do everything I can to make sure that it’s a comfortable experience for you. But confidence needs to come from within – so, here are four tips for allowing yourself to drop your guard and let go of insecurities before your photoshoot.

Flaws Don't Exist In The Photography Studio Boudoir Photography Tips

1. First remember that none of us are perfect

I’ve seen a lot of bodies in my time as a boudoir photographer, and let me tell you one thing I know to be true; cellulite and stretch marks don’t discriminate! Even the most in-shape bodies can come with these completely natural changes. If you have areas you are particularly conscious of, let your photographer know before the shoot, so we can help to pose you in ways that lessen the attention to those areas. Do remember though, that it’s often our imperfections that make us uniquely and interestingly ‘us’.

And, of course, just like for the models on the magazine covers, small Photoshop edits can come in handy if there is something in your final images that you still feel uncomfortable about.

Confidence For Your Boudoir Photoshoot Milk Intimates Photography Auckland

2. Sexiness is an inside job

No matter your age, weight or shape, every woman has an innate sensuality within her – and it’s this energy that makes someone sexy, not their physical appearance. Feeling sexy starts with your state of mind, but there are some things you can do to help you ‘step into’ that sexy energy. Put on your favourite fragrance, wear your ‘good’ lingerie, get your hair done, straighten up your posture, and give your body some love – whether that’s endorphin-boosting exercise, a massage or even just paying extra attention to yourself as your apply moisturiser or lotion each morning. Showing your body the love and attention it deserves reminds you that it’s beautiful and amazing just the way it is.

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3. Make friends with the mirror

Have you heard of mirror work? It might feel a little cringe to begin with, but stick with it. All you need to do is sit yourself in front of a mirror, look yourself deep in the eye, and say positive affirmations to yourself – out loud. “I love you”, “You are so beautiful”, and “You are worthy” are all good places to start. You may want to create your own personal mantra – something like “I am a beautiful, empowered woman” – whatever resonates with you. Make a habit of doing your mirror work every day, and you’ll soon notice a shift in how you feel about yourself and feel more ready than ever to get in front of the camera.

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4. Choose an outfit that compliments your curves

One of the quickest ways to feel good about yourself is to put on an outfit that complements your body shape and your complexion. Get some help from a lingerie stylist or an in-store stylist if you feel like you could do with some help finding the right outfit. The right outfit changes the way you feel about yourself, how you carry yourself, and how confident you feel about posing in different positions.

Well-chosen outfits can also help hide those bits that you’d rather not draw attention to. As a photographer, we’re well practiced in careful placement of garments so that it shows just the right amount of allure, without making you feel uncomfortable.

Boudoir Glamour Photography Tips By Milk Intimates Photography

It’s not uncommon to feel self-critical, but do remember that the boudoir studio is a safe and private space where we want you to feel completely comfortable to be yourself. Rest assured that no one is seeking out flaws or imperfections.

I’ve built a career taking photos that show women just how beautiful and amazing they really are, and I know you’ll leave with boudoir photos you feel proud of too.

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